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Jan 15, 2021

We feature two anonymous guests on today’s episode to talk about applying psychedelics to somatic relational therapy. One of whom is a practicing underground therapist. The other is not a therapist or doing therapy, but a social worker and researcher specializing in somatic healing, interpersonal neurobiology, and psychedelic therapy.

This is a radically different approach to the psychedelic-assisted therapy you are likely aware of--headphones, eye shades, therapist there to hold a hand if needed. This is a therapy that is fully interactive and engaged.


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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • Weathering transference during a session; positive versus negative transference
  • Why we were talking about somatic therapy with psychedelics
  • Healing our social fabric and up-skilling our community [link to Sweden lecture]
  • Neurobiology of connection and trauma healing
  • Neurobiology of co-regulation in infancy and adulthood
  • Applying co-regulation practices to psychedelic therapy, plus an example
  • How early life attachment wounds can become trauma in adulthood and how they are healed
  • How attachment wounds contribute to physical illness
  • The role of intellectual understanding during somatic healing
  • How to carry somatic healing into our lives afterwards; integration
  • “Symbolic“ versus body-based healing trauma
  • The first healing response to the wound is not always the final step in that healing
  • Becoming human through healing trauma in the body
  • How connecting to the earth is a vital part of our healing process
  • Connecting with the intelligence of plant medicine
  • The value of slowing down; finding optimal arousal state for entering into psychedelic spaces
  • Trauma expressing as hyper-function
  • What role does feeling the pain—shadow work—play in healing trauma with somatic psychedelic therapy
  • Bypassing shadow work euphoria addiction
  • A story of healing through abject terror on 5-MeO-DMT
  • The vital role of love in healing trauma through somatic therapy with psychedelics
  • How do different psychedelics fit with different needs and phases of somatic healing
  • MDMA, 3MMC, 5MEODMT, ketamine, psilocybin
  • The healing power of connecting with Transcendence
  • Healing ancestral trauma
  • More on the healing power of connecting with Transcendence
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