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Jan 29, 2016

In this episode of ATTMind Radio, we welcome Oliver Quintanilla, director of the documentary Little Saints. The tagline for his movie is "eat a mushroom, talk to God", so you can probably assume that the content of this episode will be interesting, to say the least. His film was truly one of the most vulnerable documentaries on psychedelics I have seen (and I've seen a lot). It was great to take a peak at the state of ceremonial use of psilocybin in contemporary Mexico. However, I wasn't prepared for was the potency of Catholicism that is present within it!

It was great to pick Oliver's brain about the evolution of psilocybin's role in religious ceremonies in Mexico over the last few hundred years, the connection between "spiritual healing" and physical healing, why he made this movie, and what effect he has seen it produce throughout its screening tour. And of course, we talk about how he got into psilocybin and the role it played in his life growing up in Mexico.


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