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Jan 27, 2017

The first episode of 2017! Number 40, featuring Nicole Bradford, Tarzie McLean, and James W. Jesso (yes me)... Anyways! Episode number 40, featuring Nicole Bradford, Tarzie McClean, and James W. Jesso (yes me).

This episode is actually the audio of an event held in Calgary. AB on December 2, 2016, titled Pathways Through The Darkness - Psychedelics & Trauma Healing. The event was put on by the Calgary Psychedelic Society and featured the two amazing women whose bios I am about to present to, and myself. The event sold out really fast and so we recorded it in order to make sure this one-off gathering of us three could be shared beyond the few fast enough to get their tickets.  Part 1 of the episode the lectures, Part 2, the Q&A.


Full Show Notes and to listen to PART 2:


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***Featured image courtesy of and copyright to Heather McLean (whose art, if you don't know it, you should)