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Apr 30, 2016

The somewhat painful emergence out of the "Just Say No" fallacy of the Nancy Reagan DARE moment is underway at the cutting edge of festival and nightlife culture. In its place, Harm Reduction has come to the forefront as the next wave of drug education. But more than just drug education, Harm Reduction is a public health philosophy that basically says "people are gonna do risky things, might as well give them real, evidence-based information to at least make informed choices, so as to minimize risk".

On this episode of ATTMind Radio, we feature Paul Brooks. He is a journalist and founding member of Calgary Party Safe, a not-for-profit harm reduction organization. He is also manager of a popular downtown club in Calgary, Alberta, Communication Director for Bass Coast Music Festival, and a super great guy. He is on the show to explore not only the philosophy and evolution of harm reduction but some practical information about staying safe when sampling psychoactives.


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